Tokay geckos are such wonderful creatures. Their natural attraction and charisma is why more and more people are becoming considering making this particular type of reptile as pet. They may not have colors that are as glowing and delightful as leopard geckos but there is something about them that truly make them extremely distinctive.

However, Tokays have characteristics and personalities that you may not like. And when you don’t handle it right, you can get disappointed in your pet. So if it is the initial time and energy to own this kind of pet, there are some things you should be ready for.

1. Tokays can be very aggressive.

Lots of people wind up selling their Tokays or passing them to friends and relatives simply because they found out that this reptile is not sweet and can even hurt them. Unlike leopard geckos, Tokays are more of a fighter. They don’t desire to be touched or held often particularly when they’re unfamiliar with the environment. So on your first encounter along with your Tokay, don’t forget to set inside your gloves. And in addition, don’t hold it without asking an expert to instruct you the way. When it bites, it bites hard! So be extremely careful.

2. Male Tokays are better off alone.

The last thing you should do is to put multiple male Tokay geckos in a single tank. These creatures are very territorial. Unless it’s a female, they might never desire to share their territory with any other geckos.

3. Geckos love crickets.

Don’t produce a pet from Tokay gecko if you’re scared of crickets! Geckos are not geckos once they don’t eat crickets. Anyway, this type of insect can be bought from local pet stores. It’s vital that you feed your pet with live and full crickets therefore it receives the nutrition it deserves.

4. They desire warm places.

Tokays are mainly found in the tropical rainforests of Asia. To create your dog feel more at ease in the new home, you need to make it feel as if it’s within the same place where they was once. Keeping the humidity within the tank or terrarium is essential. Ideally, the amount of humidity ought to be between 40 and 80 %. This can easily be achieved by placing moist (not wet) substrate in the tank and proper misting. Failure to sustain such level of humidity can lead to varied health issues.

5. Tokays need it clean.

Sanitation and maintenance are essential to keeping your pet healthy. In order to keep a lovely, hygienic, and attractive environment to your Tokay, turn it into a daily habit to clean its terrarium. Eliminate the feces from your ygipmk or substrate, neat and refill water dish, replace the substrate a minimum of every 90 days, and eliminate any other clutter like dried plants, dead insects, etc.

When you know what you should expect out of your Tokay, you can end up being the best dog owner. Tokays are not really hard to deal with. You just need to know just a little bit a little more about them so you can know very well what they feel and offer what they need.

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