Blue Tattoos On Dark Skin

When permanent tattoos like ink tattoo was found out to be unsafe, many started to think twice before getting them and as it is permanent, you are bound to put them on long after they are no longer fashionable and so for the desire of tattoo fashion you end up having a lot of tattoos instead. This is when temporary tattoos came in and henna tattoo became the best alternative choice.

Henna is really a shrub like plant that originated in the center East Asia, it really is originally called Menhdi. This can be primarily where henna tattoo is made from. Henna leaves are pounded and powdered then; it is actually combined with eucalyptus or lavender oil and coffee or tea liquid to really make it in to a paste, which is sort of a pastel that can then be used for painting the henna body art on the skin.

Thus, henna tattoo is safer and cheaper as it is produced from organic materials. It is far from injected so there is no pain or discomfort at all. It requires but an hour or less to do the tattooing process. But, what made it the most effective alternative for ink tattoos would be the fact it fades away as time passes. Normally, it can last for 4 to six or seven weeks. But, once you know the tricks on carrying it out and the way to take care of the tattoo then, it might last longer than that.

Artist vary in their content mixture, some prefer eucalyptus than lavender or olive plus some may use more while many prefer it less. Likewise, some artists prefer coffee liquid over tea liquid. Mixture has nothing concerning the standard of the effect but, it offers something to accomplish your skin layer reaction. The only real health risks of henna tattoo is skin irritation although, this is a rare case. Some individuals would do better with eucalyptus while other prefers lavender and olive, similarly with coffee and tea liquid.

Exactly what makes henna stain darker and exactly what makes it stay longer? When henna paste is applied, it leaves a stain forming the henna body art which had been painted on the skin. At first the stain is really a light shade of red-orange, after hours it darkens to some shade of dark brown or reddish brown but, when not done right it does not become its darkest. Then, 2 weeks later it gradually lightens and fades away.

The secret is straightforward but, it deserves patience of which a lot of us do not possess. It begins with making the paste, after mixing each of the components ensure that you allow the paste stay for 6 to 12 hours until it turns to toothpaste-like. Henna stains darker on warmer skin so, you might steam your skin first before application and after that let it dry for another 6 to 12 hours before washing away the paste. To help keep it warm it is best to dry it having a blower or even a hair dryer then cover it up with a tissue paper to stop smudging and soaking with sweat then wrap it up with a tape. Leave that way and after 12 hours you will end up rewarded having a great result, the stain will darken into its darkest shade plus, it will last longer than normal.

The location where henna is tattooed also has something related to keeping it longer. Areas of the body which can be exposed and constantly washed like face, hands, feet, ankles, neck and arms fades away faster as opposed to those areas that are iyfbzf like back, chest, belly and upper legs. Henna also darkens better on dark skinned people than on fair skinned. Although, it seems better on the fairer skin but, they have got shorten span of keeping the tattoo than dark skinned people.

The whole process of the preparation and right after the application have a lot longer than the application of the henna tattoo design wherein it could only take one hour or less depending on the size and the appearance of the tattoo. But, believe me whenever you do it properly, it is worth the wait!

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